Forbes: 7 Reasons to Use Event Marketing

Forbes: 7 Reasons to Use Event Marketing

The prestigious American professional journal Forbes advocates more use of event marketing. The magazine publishes a list with 7 reasons to give live communication an important position in your marketing mix.


"Although classical advertising campaigns worked well for brands in the past, it is time to include experience and live in the campaigns", states Forbes. "Event marketing gives the unique opportunity of letting your target audience 'feel' what your brand stands for. The live interaction gives you a head start on your competition"


The journal composed a panel with 7 executives of marketing agencies who each gave their reasons for choosing event marketing:

  • You'll Create Something Tangible
    By giving people an experience, you have a bigger chance that they will be wanting to share that experience with their followers on social media. Moreover, an experience is more easily remembered and you are more quickly inclined to talk about it than about a classic commercial.
  • You'll Let Clients Experience Your Work
    Event marketing gives your customers a better grasp on who you are and what you do.
  • You'll Cut Through Traditional Advertising Clutter
    You're unique, fun and different. You stand out.
  • You'll Facilitate an Authentic Interaction
    Authentic interactions with your customers are worth gold and are more effective than 10 seconds of commercials. They create brand ambassadors.
  • You'll Spur a Call to Action
    Event marketing leaves a lasting impression and thereby amplifies the spreading of your message via social media.
  • You'll Build a Two-Way Conversation
    Event marketing lets customers become a part of your campaign. The 2-way communication builds an emotional connection with your customers.
  • You'll See Bigger Results
    If you want to show results, you have to be willing to thing big and take risks. What might have worked yesterday, might not work tomorrow.

Read the full article on Forbes.


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