WhatsApp Wishes to Send Event Tickets

WhatsApp Wishes to Send Event Tickets

WhatsApp wants to become more relevant for companies and adds extra functions which might also be of interest to organisers. For instance, it will soon be possible to send tickets using the service.  


Companies can create an account and through it inform their customers. For the moment this will only be the sending of notifications, users cannot reply to the messages. Even though it's still limited, it offers possibilities for events.  


For instance, visitors can indicate that they would like to receive notifications as soon as tickets are available or when something new appears on the agenda. That way, traditional text messages and emails will completely be shoved aside. But you could also deliver tickets using WhatsApp, and that is (just like other e-tickets) eco-friendly. All those heaps of paper will be replaced and you assure yourself that all visitors will have their smartphones with them so that they can share their experiences on your event en masse. Earlier, companies were already able to use WhatsApp for their customer service, but without a professional account.

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