Attending an Event Nude... Anyone?

Attending an Event Nude... Anyone?

Dressing up fancily for a dinner party or a meeting? Unnecessary if you have made an appointment in the pop-up restaurant The Bunyadi in London. Not that the latest hotspot has a top-chef, but because you eat there nakedly.


Although the restaurant is not yet opened and only has 42 places, there are already 30,000 people queueing up to eat there. The concept of the restaurant is summed up as 'back to nature': cell phones are not allowed, there is no electricity, meals are grilled on a wood fire and served on handmade clay plates. The most remarkable feat of the restaurant however is that the guests have the right to eat their meals while being completely naked. A concept which is known as: 'Clothing optional'.


The restaurant will be divided into two compartments, one for guests WITH clothing and one for those without. The staff is 'dressed' accordingly, with here and there only a piece of cloth to cover the essential parts. New arrivals will be escorted to the locker rooms. There the guests undress until they only wear a bathrobe. After that, you will decide for yourself whether you go 'full monty', or not. The idea behind it is that you can enjoy food, completely liberated of all worries of modern life.


That the concept would receive some reservations due to press attention was to be expected, but 30,000... It makes you think, of course. Will others soon follow suit? Can we except the first 'back to nature' parties and events? Who dares?


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