Robots at the Counter of Your Event? If it's Up To IBM and Hilton, There Will Be

Robots at the Counter of Your Event? If it's Up To IBM and Hilton, There Will Be

IBM is training its smart robot for a new job: being a janitor in the Hilton McLean hotel in Virginia. The hotel has given the robot the name Connie, and it's powered by the artificial intelligence (AI) of IBM Watson. 


The robot was named after the hotel chain's founder, Conrad Hilton, and can greet guests when they arrive and answer questions. The smart robot is constantly learning and becomes smarter with every interaction by storing all the questions. Besides information about the hotel, Connie will also give touristic tips about for instance restaurants, since it has access to the WayBlazer travel platform.  


Will we also see them on congresses and events?

As soon as the technology is ready, this Nano robot undoubtedly has a future in the event industry. Connie could answer questions about a congress' schedule, point attendees to the right hall, book cabs, ... but also welcome guests and immediately print the right badge. Whether the smart robot can also replace the friendly human smile or the warm welcome is less clear. To be continued.

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