Affaires On the Job: 'Jobs in the Events Industry are a Hot Zone'

Affaires On the Job: 'Jobs in the Events Industry are a Hot Zone'

In our industry, the chances of messing around with a colleague are bigger than in other industries, claims sexologist Goedele Liekens. 


"Studies have shown that a third of all relationships - and romances - start at the workplace. It isn't too hard to do the math. Spending half of every day with each other and working together on a project intensively creates a connection. This is very exciting", says Goedele.


And who has long working hours and celebrates the successful projects afterwards? Exactly, the event planners. According to Liekens, our industry and the media industry offer more opportunities for romance and relationships. It is easier to get in touch with people and we are generally speaking more socially inclined. This is according to her the right cocktail, although we cannot tell from experience. Our love is either in our projects or in our meals. But apparently we do have a reputation for it...

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