Boss Gives her Staff a Huge Present for the Tenth Anniversary of her Company

Boss Gives her Staff a Huge Present for the Tenth Anniversary of her Company

It must have been the best company party ever without a doubt: all staff members of the British The Group Company went to a five-star hotel in Barbados to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the company.


Helen Bilton wanted to do something special to celebrate the tenth anniversary of her company. She felt an ordinary party wouldn't do, so she decided to take all 32 staff members on an unforgettable 8,000 km trip to Barbados. Naturally in a five-star hotel with all the luxuries money can buy. The employees are going to make a boat ride on a catamaran, go go-karting and have a lovely dinner on the beach.


However, was Helen Bilton originally planning something more modest. "I thought about giving a big party for all my customers and suppliers", Helen tells Metro. "But then I thought that the people who work for the company day and night deserve a treat most of all."


Flamingo Land

"Six months ago I decided to go to Barbados. We have a staff meeting every month and some months ago I asked whether someone had any ideas for the anniversary. Someone proposed exclusively hiring Flamingo Land (a theme park near the company) and I pretended as if that was what we we're going to go with."


"But the next meeting I told them that Flamingo Land was closed that day and that we were going to go to Barbados. They just couldn't believe it and though I was making a joke."


How do you experts in the event industry feel about this idea? A great initiative to reward and motivate the staff? Or a thoughtless act with very little ROI? Leave a reply underneath this article.

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