How to Prevent Energy Dips on your Convention

How to Prevent Energy Dips on your Convention

A heavy lunch, an overbooked schedule or a hangover from yesterday's party could seriously hinder the concentration of your conference attendees. Your attendees will miss part of the message, which just might be exactly that in which you as a convention organiser have invested.  


But no problem, these 6 tips will help you on your way!  


1. A royal breakfast, but then differently

At nearly every conference you'll find the cookies and pastries awaiting you in the morning. Our epicurean lifestyle, with its many sugars and piles of meat, has a devastating effect on our concentration. Make sure you provide healthy and light alternatives. Whole grain products provide plenty of well-dosed energy and are easily digestible. No more sugar dips! So get rid of sugar bombs like cookies and muffins and choose fruit and lighter snacks. For example, light bagels can be a nice alternative. You can combine them with toppings such as turkey or chicken fillet.  


2. Provide light lunches and coffee breaks

The heavier a lunch is, the more difficult it is for the body to digest it. Because the body has to work so hard, that typical energy dip usually appears after a meal. Ideally, a meal contains 600 to 800 calories. You should avoid bread and potatoes, and choose whole grain pasta instead. Try salads, to which you can add turkey, chicken or tuna. These contain plenty of proteins and very little fat. The necessary vegetables provide a welcome refreshment.  


3. Energisers are worth their weight in gold

Exercise is always important, regardless of the event. It improves the blood circulation, the brains are reactivated and the released endorphin provides you with newfound enthusiasm. Combine exercise with networking by providing five minutes of exercise for every session. A nice way to stay moving is by challenging yourself: in under five minutes, try to collect three business cards of people you don't know yet. Getting a bit of fresh air can also work miracles.  


4. Provide plenty of energisers


It is always nice for a congress attendee to have instant access to energising refreshments. Provide fresh fruit and freshly made ice teas during the coffee breaks, but also make sure there is fresh water during the sessions. It is also good to ensure that your venue has a comfortable temperature. Make it too hot, and people will doze off. Be sure to open a window every now and then. People will appreciate some fresh air.  


5 Alcohol is okay, but only towards the end or after the program

It can be tempting to have a little wine with your lunch. However, a fresh smoothie can be just as tasty and it doesn't make you sleepy. Furthermore, alcohol dehydrates you. After a morning that has already been intellectually intensive, that glass of wine might prove dangerous. It will slow you down, causing the first sessions of the afternoon to be a real struggle for your eyelids.  


6 Avoid having program that goes on until late at night

A good night's sleep can work miracles. First of all, that way your brain will process the information it has collected during the day. It also 'recharges the batteries', so that you can start the day regenerated. Of course, some people like to party on a little longer than others, but make sure your program stops at a decent time. That way, you leave the option open and the hangovers and red eyes are just optional. 


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