Will You Book World Stars for Your Event as Holograms Soon?

Will You Book World Stars for Your Event as Holograms Soon?

The Japanese virtual pop star Hatsune Miku commences her American tour in April. Although holograms are not new in the event industry, it is the first time that a complete tour revolves around a hologram.  


Hatsune Miku is a virtual 16 year old girl with blue twin tails that has been a famous in Japan for years. Decent editing and voice technology by Crypton Future Media and Vocaloid bring her to life. In 2016, the virtual pop star will visit various cities, including Seattle, Toronto and New York.  


Do you want to invite unique speakers and world-famous stars?  

Of course this technology can be put to other uses besides a manga pop star. A world of options opens up to you now that you don't have to take distance into account anymore. Are you thinking about inviting a professor from Australia to your congress but is the distance (and the resulting travel and accommodation expenses) in the way? Thanks to hologram technology, it is now possible. A bit like the Skype conference calls, but with a little extra.  


Less and less limitations  

Are you looking for artists who have long since passed their prime or are no longer alive? No problem, because if you use a hologram, these problems can also be solved. Your line-up will immediately become a lot more exclusive when it contains an artist that no one else can show. Pretty soon you might just book a virtual version of Madonna for next to nothing.

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