Company Pays for Your Entire Wedding, On One Condition

Company Pays for Your Entire Wedding, On One Condition

For quite some people, a wedding day is the most beautiful day in their lives. However, weddings are not cheap. Fortunately, there is a website, Swanluv, which pays for your complete dream wedding. There is, however, one condition...


The new American company pays couples who wish to get married, up to 10,000 dollars (9,200 euros). However, if you choose to divorce afterwards, you have to pay everything back with interest.


The interest is based on a statistical analysis of your relationship. The stronger your relationship is, the higher the interest once you decide to divorce. Although Swanluv makes a clear profit from separating couples, they find it important that they only use that money to finance other couples who do manage to stay together until death does them part. They even provide relationship counselling.


Couples can now enlist on the website, and the first loans will be extended in February.

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