Events in Singapore: mix of tradition and innovation

Events in Singapore: mix of tradition and innovation

What makes Singapore a unique event location? The city state has many boons, but the unique blend of tradition and ultra-modernism is especially appealing. A local-based event professional explains how he uses this to his advantage.


Are you looking for an exciting destination for your event? Then Singapore will definitely impress your attendees. It's a dynamic city that offers unique experiences. This pro-business city state is easy and pleasant to organize events. Singapore is strategically situated and is the ideal gateway to Asia. But what makes Singapore truly attractive for overseas delegates, is the unique and differentiated blend of traditional and modern cultures.


Oscar Cerezales, COO Asia Pacific of MCI Group illustrates this unique quality. "In Singapore you can experience a unique blend of heritage mix with modernity. For example, one can enjoy a scenic bum boat ride in the Marina Bay area from the ultra-modern Marina Bay Sands, to arrive in style at a restaurant at Clifford Pier, which is an old pier building converted into a super elegant dining establishment." According to Cerezales, the Trishaw rides from destination to destination are certainly worth a try as well.


Cerezales' guests also enjoy the local entertainment, where for example gamelan, a traditional form of music meets contemporary rock music. He also recommends organizing an event during the Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix race, the world’s only Formula 1 night race The race cars speed down the lighted streets of the city state. A unique show that will certainly impress your attendees. 


MCI Group's COO also recommends a visit to Thow Kwang, one of the two remaining dragon kilns in Singapore. You can shape your own pottery from clay on the potter's wheel. In the vegetable farm Bollywood Veggies, you are one with nature again, as you prepare your own lunch with freshly grown vegetables. 


Singapore’s colonial history and multi-ethnic culture make it an interesting destination for your delegates to explore. In the Singapore City Gallery, one can walk through Singapore's physical transformation over the past 50 years since independence. Your delegates can also experience the  traditional culture of the Straits Chinese or Peranakans at the Peranakan Museum or The Intan (the home of a Peranakan which also serves as a haven and showcase of the treasures of the Peranakan culture). 


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