Rent a Theme Park for Your Event for Just 24,000 dollars

Rent a Theme Park for Your Event for Just 24,000 dollars

Spacemarket, a start-up from Tokyo similar to Airbnb, rents out 4,000 surprising locations. How do you feel about renting a theme park, an island or a temple?


Since January 2014, Spacemarket has provided original locations. Meanwhile, they are already offering more than 4,000 venues. For only $24,000 dollars, the 'Japan Monkey Park' can be yours for two hours, and you can bring a maximum number of 10,000 friends.


Receptions, weddings, product shows, photo shoots, ... everything is possible! Of course, some locations are more exclusive than others, but it is certainly recommended if you're organizing something in Japan. For now, they still only have one location outside Japanese soil, namely the 'Coca-Cola park'. This is a baseball stadium in Pennsylvania with a capacity of 8,000 people for $1,625 per day.


Looking ahead to the Olympic Games of 2020 in Tokyo, the government hopes to bring in 30 million tourists annually. Spacemarket uses this fact deftly and will definitely have expanded their range by then.

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