Apple is looking for an employee 'live events'

Apple is looking for an employee 'live events'

Apple is looking for an employee who will be responsible for 'live projects' and 'original content' for Apple Music, iTunes and the App Store. Apple has published the vacancy on its website.


Apple is already organizing various live events, such as the annual Apple Music Festival (previously the iTunes Festival), this year with shows featuring One Direction, Pharrell Williams and many others. Since this summer, the California-based company has its own radio station 'Beats 1' for Apple Music and they are organizing numerous events in the Apple Stores.


In order to be suitable for the job, you have to meet a number of qualifications. For instance, Apple requires at least seven years of experience in the entertainment industry, and applicants have to have knowledge regarding content campaigns, marketing and live events as well.


Interested? Good luck! You will probably not be the only candidate for this coveted position.

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