Eventchamp competition at Future of Events 2016

Eventchamp competition at Future of Events 2016

Can you present the value of your event idea in less then a 100 words? Eventchamp is a competition for event professionals where buyers take the stage for 8 minutes presenting a challenge or business opportunity they are currently facing. During these presentations, the audience is challenged to send in their pitch for the presented cases.


With 6 presentations in one hour and only 45 minutes response time, the pressure is on. As an attendee you will need to make well calculated decisions:  on which case will you respond? What is your best idea? Which of your pitches will have the best chance to win?


The responses sent in by the audience will be monitored by a lawyer so origin and content of each contribution is legally secured. After fixation a jury will send the best 75-100 ideas to the sponsoring company, who chooses the winning pitch and gives the assignment  to the author. This is how you become a true event champ!


Future of Events is a conference, exhibition and career center all-in-one, targeted for event, advertising and marketing professionals who are focused on unlocking the potential of themselves, their ideas and the future of their events. "Our aim is to assist event professionals in developing their personal and professional competence by providing new expertise, innovative tools and ideas to make future events game-changing. Early bird rates avaliable now at our website."


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