London O2 Arena Evacuated due to Fire

London O2 Arena Evacuated due to Fire

On the 18th of October, 1,200 attendees of the O2 Arena in London were requested to leave the event location as soon as possible. A small fire had generated an immense amount of smoke. No-one was injured.


In 2012, the O2 Arena was the place to be for gymnastics and basketball at the Olympic Summer Games, but now the area is used as an event location for concerts, expositions, ... and there is a cinema on-site. At the moment, the exposition 'Elvis at the O2' is running, and visitors can also enjoy the 'Up at the O2' climbing experience, as well as various films.


The attendees were ordered to leave the facility as quickly as possible at around 11 AM. At that moment, a burning smell and a huge amount of smoke started to spread. 21 firemen rushed to help and quickly found the source in the Brazilian restaurant. The cause is yet unknown, but the fire was limited to the extract airflow system.


At around 4:30 PM the attendees could resume their visit. Fortunately, there were no large events on the day the fire broke out.

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