How can I Find Photos for my PowerPoint Presentation for Free?

How can I Find Photos for my PowerPoint Presentation for Free?

One image is stronger than a thousand words. Photos and illustrations are a great way to draw the attention of your audience and to make your presentation into a visual beauty.


However, it is often time-consuming to find the right images. Of course, you can try Google Images, but the problem there is that the quality of the photos is not always optimal. The images have a low resolution and become blurry if you use them at a certain size. Furthermore, there is also a risk involved: just taking images of the internet like that can be a copyright infringement.


Another option are professional photos from stock photo websites, which are royalty free and have a perfect quality, but these can cost quite a bit.


Luckily, there are alternatives. Expert Academy set out to find websites where you can download professional and high/quality stock photos for free. Marvellous images that won't cost you a dime and that you can use to knock everyone of your feet with your PowerPoint presentation.


5 free websites with high quality royalty-free photos


1. Unsplash

Every day 10 new high-resolution photos that you can download for free.


2. Picjumbo

Extensive range of high-quality photos in various categories. Also has a premium collection that you have to pay for.


3. Stokpic

A really nice range with beautiful photos, regardless of the compulsory advertisements.


4. Jaymantri

Not really organized, but there are certainly some useful images in there.


5. Splitshire

Are you looking for original and a bit more arty photos? Then Splitshire is where you want to be.


Of course there are quite a few more free websites with stock photos, but there are often strings attached.


Expert Academy has only selected those sites that offer high-quality photos and images for commercial use and without a hassle or requiring you to sign up. Want to bet that one of the above sites will get you the photos you need to make a lasting impression with your PowerPoint presentation?

Source: Expert Academy

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