What Men Ought to do in Bed, Instead of During Meetings

What Men Ought to do in Bed, Instead of During Meetings

Video conference company Highfive studied the level of concentration and online distraction during meetings. There was a significant difference between men and women...


A study involving 1,200 employees showed that people are not always focused. Surprisingly - or perhaps not? -, men are on average 10% more distracted. Text messaging is the main perpetrator: 36% of the men and 25% of the women confess doing this. Emailing and using the internet remains popular: 27% versus 17%. A minor 10% also likes to check up on his favourite sports team during meetings.


Women leave it at 4 text messages, emails or posts on social media. Men send about 6. Of course, this could also be because the fact that 55% of the men bring their laptop along, while only 33% of the women does this.


During a video conference, women confessed that they are mainly worried about how they look on pictures, while what men fear most is a poor or frozen image.


Yet another applause for the women: of those who dare to daze during a meeting, 64% was male. So guys, keep your eyes open and catch your sleep in the bed, not at the conference table.

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