5 Ways to Engage your Participants Even More

5 Ways to Engage your Participants Even More

"This was the best event experience ever." That is what you as an event planner would like to hear from your participants. Only then are you truly satisfied. Engagement is one of the tools that can help you achieve that goal.  


We give you 5 tips on what you can do to increase the interaction with your participants:  


1. Anticipate

You can create engagement in your participants long before your event actually takes place. In the period leading up to your event, you provide contact moments, either physically or online. This way, you create interested candidates, you draw the focus to your event and you stimulate ticket sales. For example, you can organize smaller kick-off meetings or pre-events. Or you publish some information which can be freely downloaded. You can also introduce some speakers or show the construction of the decoration in a couple of cool videos.  


2. Communicate using social media

Social media and events are inseparably connected. Both before, during and after your event, these are the media with which you maintain and strengthen the connection with your participants. You use hashtags, chats, hangouts,etc. to get in touch with your participants. Event apps are also good tools to build an online community. Another advantage of social media is that you get the whole world involved in your event. Even those that are not present in person, can experience your event from a distance.  


3. Provide a network-friendly environment

Provide high tables, chairs, seats and plenty of space. Make sure your guests have a place to put their cups, glasses and plates. This talks way easier than having your hands full. You should create nice corners where people can retreat for an easy chat. It's also a good idea to ask your speakers to join lunch. This makes them accessible to your participants and motivates them to make contact with the speakers and to pose further questions. Such an informal meeting with a keynote speaker certainly benefits their event experience.  


4. Work in small groups

For some participants, large crowds of people can be quite intimidating. For them it may be hard to make contact with other people. Therefore, you should arrange for congregation in smaller groups. This way you can integrate smaller workshops in your program with a limited number of participants. Or you can use lunchtime to divide your audience. A lunch & learn is a good example of a formula in which you invite different speakers during lunchbreaks in a limited-size group. Participants sign up for a session of their choosing and meet people with a similar interest.  


5. Conclude with a drink or activity 

A relaxing drink or activity is always appreciated after a long congress or event. You meet fellow participants in a relaxed ambience and evaluate the event. That certainly benefits networking. And that doesn't always have to be a drink. You can also conclude your event with a nice trip to some or other attraction or to a more relaxing event such as a sports game or a cultural visit.


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