It's an exciting time to be an event communication planner

It's an exciting time to be an event communication planner

Event technologies are bubbling up to help agencies to do a better job. Big data, crowdsourcing, wearables, location awareness and advanced display technologies are entering our industry.   


We are moving from 'attendee' to 'participant' and are exploring exciting technologies to engage with your audience. 


The Event Intelligence Forum on the 6th October 2015 in Antwerp will bring you up to speed with the newest trends and technologies brought to you by a wide range of international renowned speakers in short campfire sessions and live engagement demo's.  Discover in half a day how technology can add value to your events, and connect with your peers.   


Keynote speaker Julius Solaris (editor of Event Manager Blog) will guide you through the dark woods of event technology. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to level up with tomorrow's technology today!


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