Brilliant Picture Frames for Events

Brilliant Picture Frames for Events

Sometimes the most simple ideas can be the best. At Crowdsign they have found such an idea: personalized picture frames as a novel attribute for photo shoots on events.  


They make picture frames with the logos of social media printed on them: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, ... they offer all popular channels. Such a picture frame is a fine attribute when organizing creative photo shoots on events. Have you got such a photo booth on your event? Then you know how hard it is to have people strike a relaxed pose. They don't know the photographer and they don't feel at ease. Give them a picture frame in their hands and you'll immediately create a different ambiance. It is even twice the fun if you personalize them with messages and hashtags of your event.  


The frames are available in 3 different sizes. It is very easy to order them online, but for the moment they are still only available in the US and Canada.  


In this series 'Start-up' we discover starters with an innovative offer which is useful for the event industry.

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