Twitter Launches Event Targeting

Twitter Launches Event Targeting

Twitter is not doing too well, financially speaking, and they are looking for new sources of income. The company hopes to turn the tide by focusing on events. From now on, you can target advertisements on the social media platform on events. 



Not that it was thus far impossible to target advertisements on hashtags of events, but according to Ameet Ranadive, Senior Director of Product at Twitter, up until now it was a lengthy and a 'very manual' process to select the right keywords and target audiences. 


With the new Event Targeting, everyone with a Twitter-advertisement gains access to planned events. You can then look at the size, target audience, etc. in detail in order to target it with a campaign. In a blogpost Twitter speaks about large sports events, festivals, but also B2B meeting events. 


Ranadive says that Twitter looks at "a great diversity of interaction signals from users" in order to identify the audience of events. So as an advertiser, you do not only reach the people who tweet about the event, but also those who are looking for information about the event and who respond to it. Initially, Twitter targets larger events, but in the future the coverage will be expanded considerably.

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