LED Lights in Carpeting on Event Locations is Now Reality

LED Lights in Carpeting on Event Locations is Now Reality

At the end of 2013 we already wrote about Philips' plans to place LED lights in carpeting for event venues. The LEDs will not only be used to create an ambiance, but also for signalling and showing information. Now, these carpets are actually available.


On the professional trade show Lightfair International Philips launched the long-expected LED carpet. And although you wouldn't immediately expect it, you can still spill drinks on the carpet and vaccuum it like you would with an ordinary carpet. The only difference is that light shines through this carpet. The possible applications are plenty. Take for instance personalised welcome messages, signalling and navigation, the latest updates and information about your event, ...


The carpet was tested intensively in Europe, but will now also be sold in the United States.


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