Things that Drives Event Planners Mad

Things that Drives Event Planners Mad

How do you drive your meeting or event planner completely mad? According to DMAI, they have a top list with things that make most planners go crazy.


We would not suggest to try the list out on your own event planner, but just for illustration purposes these are the things over 400 meeting planners voted on as being the most annoying.

  • Being Called a Party Planner
  • Stakeholders Who Think They're 'Planners'
  • Extensive Travel Demands
  • Not Getting Paid Enough
  • Emails and More Emails
  • Cold Calls
  • Hotel Walking My VIPs
  • Now Who's My Contact?
  • Meeting Room Changes
  • Surprises, Surprises, Surprises
  • Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget
  • Waiting For Others to Make Decisions

Source: DMAI

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