World Premiere: the First Mobile Restaurant in the World

World Premiere: the First Mobile Restaurant in the World

Just when you feel like you have seen everything there is to see in the event industry, you find out that you were wrong. Stefan Kerkhofs and David Ghysels, the inventors of 'Dinner in the Sky', joined forces once more to launch 'Dinner on the Road', their latest showpiece.


'Dinner on the Road' is a unique concept involving a futuristic truck being converted into a veritable restaurant on the road. A professional kitchen presents tasty dishes, while the guests are being driven from one location to the other. The invisible serving systems contribute to the luxury of the experience. The destination of choice is completely up to the customer and the interior can be changed in accordance with the customer's wishes. The digital spectrum enables you to suddenly dine looking out over Tuscan vineyards, sipping from a glass of Chianti, or make you feel like you're on Route 66 with a T-bone steak on your plate and a cold beer in your hand.


Road rage is history, since your time on the road can now be spent on something useful like a meeting, a creative brainstorm or a product launch, supported by a tasty bite and a drink. A maximum of 16 guests can take a seat at the impressive table.


dinner on the road


This is not the first cooperation between David and Stefan. It was they who nine years ago invented 'Dinner in the Sky'. This project was twice nominated for 10 of the most incredible restaurants in the world (Forbes) and is nowadays active in no less than 50 countries. Recently, Singapore and Malaysia were added to this list. You can rest assured that 'Dinner on the Road' will also not be limited to the Belgian market.

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