SEO Tips for Event Websites (part 2): 4 Tips for Link Building

SEO Tips for Event Websites (part 2): 4 Tips for Link Building

In part 1 of this article, we presented 6 ways to optimally use keywords. In part 2 we present 4 tips to link to your website and to make sure your content stays dynamic.


Generating new content regularly is a must. It needs to be written uniquely and masterfully. Both your visitors AND Google appreciate that. Strong content can also cause people to link to your website, which is also a boost for your ranking on search engines. How do you do that?


1. Start to blog

Create blog posts on or about your website. That way you instantly create new and unique content with the right keywords. In those blogs, you should talk about your events, but also about your field of expertise: give tips, practical cases, new applications which you have tested. Also talk about subjects which closely relate to your event. A tasty story about the latest kitchen technique of your caterer, for example. You should also look for relevant blogging sites in the industry. Have writers blog on your event, with the link to your event website of course. Mind your keywords and unique content. Blog posts on other websites are good for your page ranking. What's more, they're strong channels which can point new visitors in your direction.


2. Publish testimonials

Look for relevant websites and ask whether you can publish a testimonial on your event. Of course, there should also be a link to your website. Relevant content for the website and a higher ranking for you.


3. Publish event reviews

Ask participants or visitors to write substantive event reviews. Publish them and make sure that new reviews appear regularly.


4. Play with social media

Get busy with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. You should post updates, extra info, photos and videos relating to your event regularly. You should also know that Google counts the number of likes, shares, retweets, +1's and pins, which further determines your place in the rankings. 27-03-2015

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