Surgeon Shows Pornographic Images on an International Congress

Surgeon Shows Pornographic Images on an International Congress

A plastic surgeon is being heavily criticised for showing pornographic material to illustrate his presentation at an international congress in Melbourne.


"Disgusting", critics say. Others have even started asking questions about the entire industry. In his e-paper 'Vaginal Rejuvenation in Seven Surgical Steps' Dr. Rakesh Kalra left little to the imagination of the participants of the 19th Congress of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Melbourne. Although the incident happened some time ago, it resurfaced after another doctor got fired.


Sex with a beer glass

The Indian plastic surgeon Rakesh Kalra showed images of naked women in pornographic poses who performed sexual acts, also using a beer glass. The caption stated: "can be used in many ways".


Is the organisation responsible?

The question is to what extent the organiser of such a congress is responsible for the contents of the presentations of his speakers. Many organisers screen all slides before they are shown and discuss the contents thoroughly with all speakers. But in quite a few other events there is no control whatsoever, with the risk of loss of prestige for the event itself.


What's your opinion on this? How far does the organiser's responsibility go?


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