Start-Up: PhotoTap

Start-Up: PhotoTap

How do you quickly and effectively spread your event photos using the social media of your participants? The answer is simple: with PhotoTap. This tool links the photo report of your event to the social media account of your guests.


Your guests visit a webpage beforehand where they register their personal Facebook, Twitter and if necessary their email address. At arrival on your event, they receive a personal PhotoTap wrist band (remember Tomorrowland: there they used wrist bands for payment). Your professional photographer takes their picture. Your guests 'tap' on the scanner with their wrist band. Immediately PhotoTap spreads the images of your guests on their social media and email address. Win, win, win. For your event, your participants AND your sponsors.  


The tool's biggest strength is that it can be integrated very easily into the organisation of your event. And isn't it true that a picture says more than a thousand words?  


In this series 'Start-up' we discover starters with an innovative offer which is useful for the event industry

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