Start-Up: Snapifeye

Start-Up: Snapifeye

Start-up Snapifeye has a simple but brilliant idea: fit photos with your logo online and your brand will automatically spread on social media.


And that is indeed a good idea. Because people who go to events, like to be put on picture there. And they also like to place those pictures on social media to show their network where they have been. So, if you put a logo or brand on those pictures, then the entire network will get to see it.  


Snapifeye uses that fact very smartly. With Snapifeye you can easily start a campaign whereby you collect information and contects and give your brand publicity. You send your promo team out into the field with tablets and smartphones. They talk to the guests, ask them a couple of questions, take pictures of the people and post those pictures on social media. Of course the photos are fitted with a logo. And you have asked the participants for permission to publicize the pictures and to use the information. The result: you possess an interesting contact list and important customer information which you can easily export. You give the reputation of your brand an online boost by posting the photo material on your website and your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account.


In this series 'Start-up' we discover starters with an innovative offer which is useful for the event industry.

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