Never Lose Your Friends Again on Events

Never Lose Your Friends Again on Events

An overloaded club, tightly packed festival grounds or popular concert? It's not easy to find your friends there. Luckily, the Lookfor app is here to help.


Even when you have a cell phone, finding your friends again in crowded places is not always easy. There may be too much noise to call them. Or not enough connection to send text messages. With the Lookfor app, there's another way.


How does it work?

Lookfor makes the complete screen of the smartphone flicker in flashy colours. Turn on the app, select a colour and hold up your phone. The only thing your friends have to do is be on the lookout for your flashing smartphone. This may be the silliest app in the world, only it does work.


6 colours

You can choose from 6 colours. A special tool has been integrated into the app which enables your friends to know what colour you have selected. This is vital, because the more people use Lookfor, the more flashing coloured screens you'll see.


The app is available for iOs and for Android and costs 0.99 euro.

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