Stunning Event Facts Super Bowl XLIX

Stunning Event Facts Super Bowl XLIX

With a stunning 118,5 million viewers, the 'halftime' of the American Super Bowl is the best viewed concert in the world. Not only the acts are impressive, but the event logistics behind it all are amazing as well. View the time lapse!  


The main act of the 49th edition of the Super Bowl halftime in the University of Phoenix Stadium was Katy Perry. The twelve minute spectacle started off with a metal lion on stage and ended with Katy Perry in the air as a flying star. In between, there were guest performances of Lenny Kravitz, Missy Elliott and more. For every song, the stage was transformed.  


Stunning event logistics

The entire halftime only lasted 30 minutes. In that time, all players have to leave the field, the stage has to be transformed, the 13 minute spectacle takes place AND everything has to be neat and clean before the second half starts. A remarkable feat of event logistics.  


No less than 90 Barco 26.000 lumen projectors provided the visual effects during the show. Together, they projected more than 2 million lumen on a surface of 18,000 square meters (fun facts: only 80 projectors were actually in use, 10 were on stand-by as reserves). In order to process all this visual force, 8 D3 servers were engaged (+2 as reserves).


The show lighting design was led by light designer Bruce Rodgers. PRG supplied the equipment. A total of 140 Clay Paky Sharpies, 94 Clay Paky B-Eyes, 120 Clay Paky Mythos, 72 Best Boys, 97 Vari-Lite VL3500s, 16 Impression X4 XLs, 12 Impression X4 Bar 20s, 110 Chroma-Q Color Blocks, 62 Solaris LED Flares and a PRG V676 Lighting Console. What stood out were the 516 illuminous balls that shaped the Pepsi-logo during the opening of the show. An impressive GlowMotion technology with which the LEDs were remotely controlled.  


Watch the time lapse of the construction and deconstruction:



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