Column: Don't Think About Limitations But Follow Your Dreams

Column: Don't Think About Limitations But Follow Your Dreams

Event planners don't have it easy these days. You have to be creative and original, but you also have to stick by all sorts of rules. Safety always comes first, but dare to be yourself, dare to dream, have some courage... Try, fall and stand back up again.  


Don't let yourself be tackled by all the pitfalls on your path and keep striving to fulfill your dreams and ideas, no matter how crazy they are. By being yourself and holding on where others give up, you truly make yourself valuable. Stay curious, keep asking questions, don't take yourself too seriously but go for the ultimate experience, because that's where your strength is, that's where you stay strong.  


Philosophize, brainstorm, play... From the ideas that seem most useless, the greates things can come. Taste, play, create and learn. What's seen as impossible by one, can mean the start of a bigger and better concept for the other. Dare to be an inspiration to others, give your energy. That way, you don't only work on yourself and your own ideas, but you also help out each other. Get together, don't walk away from confrontations, discover and be amazed. Don't think in negativity; competition and limitations... Think positively and strong, strengthen each other and rather make a coproduction than stay behind with your good ideas and dreams.  


Have the courage to show your vulnerable side, cooperate with others and try to see what you can achieve. Together, you are stronger than individually and you profit from your combined strength. Just do it, what have you got to lose? You can only win. Times change, profit from your personality and strengths, dare to dream. Do it now! As a good start of 2015.

Patricia van Gerven

Patricia van Gerven

20 years experience in events, 16 years as a teacher and 10 years as an independent entrepreneur. Patricia coaches newcomers to the event industry and loves to share her passion for the profession.

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