Extra Security on eventplanner.tv Website

Extra Security on eventplanner.tv Website

Hacked websites, leaked data, publicized passwords, ... Cyber attacks reach the news just about every week. eventplanner.tv too realizes the risks and takes extra security precautions.


"That you can never rule out the possibility of hacking entirely, is sad but true", says Managing Partner Kevin Van der Straeten. "When even heavily protected world players such as Sony Pictures become the target, you realize that there's no system that's watertight. Nonetheless, taking security precautions significantly reduces the risk of an attack. We take the security of the users of our event community very seriously, and we invest in the protection of our data, before it's too late." 


Secure connection

From now on, every visit to eventplanner.tv is encrypted in a secure 'https' connection. That way, hackers can no longer intercept data between your browser and the servers of eventplanner.tv. You can tell by the lock in the address bar in your browser that the connection is secure and that the owner of the site is verified.


Privacy guaranteed

Rest assured that your personal information is safe with eventplanner.tv. The data you leave behind on the website will never be passed on to third parties or advertisers. They will only receive anonymous statistics of their campaigns. Your privacy is guaranteed.


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