Glass Automatically Skims Beer Head Perfectly

Glass Automatically Skims Beer Head Perfectly

The perfect beer head! Many a bar has seen endless discussions about the subject. From now on, these discussions are history. With the FndF automatic beer skimmer, you will always get the right beer head. Ideal for events, where you have to tap a lot of beers in a relatively short time.


The FndF beer glass has a slightly widening edge. This ensures that you don't have to skim the beer, while it still acquires a nicely firm beer head automatically. Your beer looks perfect every time. That way, you keep enjoying high quality beers.


This glass is ideal for big parties or festivals. You can't always have advanced draught equipment or experienced barkeepers. Moreover, big crowds with thirsty throats need a lot of beers, and fast! With the FndF-glass, you will easily achieve this. In just 3 simple steps –rinse, pour, serve- your perfect beer will be ready.


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