Start-Up: EventScore Promotes Your Event for Free

Start-Up: EventScore Promotes Your Event for Free

Where to promote your event on the web? That's often the burning question. On which event sites should you have a presence? Which sites are useful to help you reach your target audience?


It is important that you have a presence on the right websites, especially when you are organizing a local event. Event listing should be an essential part of your online marketing strategy. EventScore helps you to tackle this in the most efficient way.  


The site searches over 475 event listing sites, including the web, mobile apps and social media. Submit your event to EventScore and get a customized report with all the sites where your event is listed. But there’s more: EventScore also recommends on which sites you can best promote your event in order to reach as many people as possible from your target audience. Currently, EventScore only scans sites in the United States. But if the site’s overseas, it may be a convenient tool to optimize your online marketing strategy regarding listing sites there as well.  


In this 'Start-up' series we discover starters with an innovative offering that is beneficial to the event sector.

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24 January 2021

We are honoured to have a very special guest in the studio. Welkom Bernie! 🥶 

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