10 Habits of Successful Event Planners

10 Habits of Successful Event Planners

Successful event organizers are highly productive. Just what is it that makes them so successful and productive? Well, they have 10 (+1) habits that help them to achieve that success.


Read what they are below. 



1. They exercise

It has been scientifically proven that exercise has a positive impact on your productivity and the efficient functioning of your brain. In order to perform well you need to feel good inside your own skin. Successful people understand that. Running, cycling, yoga, ... all of these are popular sports with productive event planners.



2. They have enough sleep and rise early

This may not be evident in this stressful job with its irregular hours. Yet research shows that successful people have enough sleep, and also tend to get up early to make a good start to the day. Moments of rest or relaxation during the day are also necessary. Those moments strengthen the successful event professional. Which brings us to the next good habit.



3. They plan and work in segments

Successful event organizers plan ahead and make to-do lists. It keeps them focused. Productive people plan realistically and take into account how much time everything takes. They divide large tasks into small segments so that they are easily manageable. In this way they are able to execute tasks much faster. They avoid distractions when they are working on a particular task. For example, they only check their mailbox at specific times, because they don't want to disrupt their planning by some email which may contain good or bad news. In this way they keep control of the task in hand.



4. They enjoy and respect deadlines

Deadlines keep them sharp and ensure that they remain productive. Thanks to deadlines they avoid delaying and putting things off.



5. They never multitask

Contrary to popular belief, multitasking is bad for productivity. Successful people deal with one task at a time and never do several things at once.



6. They are aware and motivated

Productive event planners know why they are doing something. They are very motivated and aware of everything that's going on. They carefully keep tabs on what’s important. For example, they know exactly where the money is being spent and where money is coming from.



7. They are not afraid to say NO

Successful people define boundaries for themselves and for others. They are in control of their own energy, time and space, and find it okay to say no. They take care of themselves first before helping someone else.



8. They have lots of friends and contacts

Who you know is often far more important than what you know. Friends and contacts help you get ahead. Successful event planners have a large network of friends, contacts and clients. They also consciously invest in those relationships. They know what they can do for their network and also what their network can do for them.



9. They possess a positive and constructive vocabulary

Their manner of speaking is the essence of involvement and responsibility. They will never say "that's not my job, that's not my fault, I give up or I don't care". They are always looking for solutions and think constructively. You never hear them saying "That's impossible". Successful event planners see opportunities and challenges everywhere. And if they need help to overcome them, then they’re not too proud to ask for it. "I always do it like this." is another statement you'll never hear from them. They are eager to learn and have the courage to depart from the old familiar ways of doing things.



10. They are grateful and value the little things

Successful event planners are thankful for everything that they have achieved. And these are not always the big things. Sometimes the smallest things can be equally satisfying. These can range from a satisfied customer happy about successful bookings, to new commissions, new customers, and new events. They enjoy it and it makes them happy. They focus on the positives and it makes it easier for them to overcome the setbacks. By valuing the successful, positive events, they remain motivated.



11. They read eventplanner.net 

The successful event planner always keeps abreast of event news and practical tips and advice, including the latest trends. For this habit the most successful event organizers go to one source: eventplanner.net, the online magazine for the event industry. Fresh daily content in both text and video include tips, advice, and news - everything anyone needs to know about organizing successful events. 


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