Start-Up: Prezentt

Start-Up: Prezentt

Does this sound familiar: you give a beautiful presentation and your audience is extremely interested. That's all good. But how do you capture the details of all those who are interested and make sure you don't miss any leads?


Because the reality is that after your presentation a whole bunch of business cards will be pressed in your hands and that's when the real work begins: Who was asking what? Who do you contact first? These problems are a thing of the past with Prezentt. Because while you are giving your presentation, the questions and contact information of your audience are registered automatically.  


It works like this: when attendees arrive, they load your presentation with a QR code onto their smartphone or tablet and connect with you on social media. During your presentation, they take notes and write questions and ideas that they can share with you. You can also give them access to additional information or additional offers. After your presentation, you will immediately have access to all the contact details of your audience in a neat dashboard display where you can see who was most interested in your presentation and who best to contact first.  


So all you have to do is provide a great presentation and Prezentt will take care of the rest. Test it out for free for four presentations a year.


In this 'Start-up' series we discover starters with an innovative offering that is beneficial to the event sector.


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