Write for eventplanner.net

Write for eventplanner.net

Do you have good writing skills and a passion for events? At eventplanner.net we look forward to welcome your articles and contributions.


Our community is growing rapidly and is always interested in new ideas and tips.    


Why write for eventplanner.net?

There are countless reasons why you would want to share your ideas via one of the fastest growing event-websites in the world. Do you still need that little boost to conquer your threshold fear? This is why we do it:

  • Inspire 
    Our visitors are eager to learn how they can organize more impactfull events. You can help them on there way!
  • Fulfill you professional dreams
    If your submission is published, we will do all we can to share your article with as many people as possible. We will post your article on our website, in our newsletter and on our social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. All this exposure provides our editors with a lot of opportunities like book contracts, invitations as speaker, an influx of new clients, coaching assignments, ... And all of this by simply writing strong posts that excite and inspire people.
  • Be a part of our elite team
    A unique opportunity to work together with our professional editors who will do all that they can to make your entries sparkle.


But before you get too enthusiastic and grab your pen...

This is what you should know:

  • Original and inspiring content
    We ask that you only submit original and unique content. We do not accept posts which are published on other websites (also not on your own blog). We are especially looking for practical tips & tricks that our readers can get started with right away. The topics can be very diverse, as long as they are relevant to our readers. Remember that an attractive title and intro can make or break your entry by instantly drawing the attention. Finally, you can also save a lot of time if you check our site to see whether we have published articles with the same subject and the same approach.
  • Correct and informative
    eventplanner.net represents correct information. If you refer to figures, studies, ... also refer to the source. Inspiring, informative and educative content is at the top of our wish list.
  • Advertising
    Since we do not reimburse the submissions we like to mention a short bio with links to your own website, social media, ... Advertising in the articles themselves (also not for products or services of other companies) is not allowed.
  • No interest in SEO submissions
    Are you an SEO copywriter looking for quality links to increase the ranking of your website in search engines? We are not interested in these messages.
  • You determine the tempo
    Whether you wish to submit posts monthly, weekly or occasionally; you determine the tempo. In other words, no stressful deadlines!
  • Conditions
    By submitting your contents you agree with our conditions and with every form of editing of your articles by our editorial staff. You also agree that we can translate your post into Dutch for publication on our local websites eventplanner.be and eventplanner.nl


Are you ready for it? 3-2-1 start!

This is what we need from you:


  • Short but sweet article
    Long texts are not read online. Keep it short but sweet. 250 to 500 words are ideal. If you are really convinced that you have the reader's full attention, then your article can be exceptionally a little longer. Write in your own, positive words, as you would say it to your friends. Do not use difficult sentences that ready less smoothly.
  • Photo
    Do you have a beautiful, attractive photo that we can add to your article? Submit this as well, but in a high resolution. Make sure that you own the rights to the image, in other words also of the person on the photo.
  • Bio
    A short bio to introduce yourself. 2-3 short sentences maximum (180 words max). Limit yourself to only relevant matters. Besides your bio we would also like to receive a high resolution photo of your face and the links to your website and social media.


You can submit your post via editor@eventplanner.net  


As soon as we have received it we will let you know as quickly as possible whether we can publish your item or not. Sometimes we are literally inundated with submissions, then we may take a little longer to respond.


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