Events & Technology: Google Glass

Events & Technology: Google Glass

Google Glass is currently the number one consumer gadget. Does this mean that soon all your conference participants will be sitting with the famous glasses perched on their noses? Is this a new challenge for the event industry, or is it just another gimmick?


Google Glass holds a great deal of potential for the event industry, but the practical application of this fancy eyewear still requires some thinking through.


During a Startup Grind event in London the host projected a live stream of his vision of three panelists onto a big screen using Google Glass. It proved to be a spectacular effect. So there are certainly plenty of interesting applications as far as events are concerned.


Yet it is not certain whether participants will be ready to switch so easily to Google Glass. Maybe they prefer the ease of their smartphone or tablet. And before Google Glass can really make a breakthrough in a big way, some privacy and copyright issues will first need to be addressed. But as an innovative and progressive event planner, it'll pay to keep this technology in mind.


With this 'Events & technology' series we will inform you about the latest technologies that may have a significant impact on the way we organize events in the future. We will provide a brief overview of how these technologies work and what potential benefits they offer. It’s up to you to keep an eye on whether they can do something for your events or your target market.


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