Event Salaries Rise Due to Shortage of Talent

Event Salaries Rise Due to Shortage of Talent

According to recruitment agencies in the UK, salaries in the event sector are currently rising spectacularly due to the lack of talent. So writes the British magazine C&IT.


According to UK recruitment agencies, there's especially a lack of experienced event professionals needed to fill vacancies at mid and senior levels. And that's the result of a crisis: event agencies have simply been investing far too little in new talent. And now it's being felt everywhere. Before the crisis, event agencies recruited people at junior level who then evolved into more senior positions. But in recent years fewer juniors have been hired resulting in a much smaller pool from which to draw talent.

Number of jobs increasing rapidly
The number of recruitments in the events sector have increased significantly in 2014. In the first quarter, the big event agencies especially were in the market for new employees, and at all levels - from operational jobs to directors. In the second quarter, the smaller agencies also began recruiting intensely once again.

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