Web based simultaneous interpretation

Web based simultaneous interpretation

Until now all delegates, interpreters and presenters had to travel to the same location for a conference. Well not any longer. Whales On Waves launches a new web based simultaneous interpretation service.


"Our new service allows delegates to fully interact with your live meeting via a webinar, in a choice of languages. This new innovation saves travel time and costs associated with 'on Location' interpretation. We provide the service from our purpose built London & Brussels offices where interpreters work in pairs in sound proof interpreter booths supported by our technicians, just as they would at an onsite meeting. We can provide experienced technicians on location at your meeting to ensure all the technology works seamlessly. Like all our services, it is fully project managed and we can also provide qualified moderators or facilitators for your meeting."


The floor language at your conference or meeting location is streamed live to London or Brussels, interpreted into the languages needed and streamed back to the delegates who can follow the meeting on their laptops, phones or other mobile devices. Delegates who can’t attend the meeting in person can fully interact via the live webinar. So whether you attend in person or remotely, you can fully interact in your native language. 


For the interpretation part, Whales On Waves is working together with Eurosis, a London based International Interpreter’s company. Paula Hiltunen, CEO Eurosis said: "We are very excited about this new service. It will enable significant improvements to be made in participation of delegates at conferences and training seminars, helping delegates who can't travel, increasing the choice of languages available in a cost effective way and significantly reducing travel costs and carbon footprint."


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