Survey Reveals Event Organisers' Ticketing Preferences Across Europe

Survey Reveals Event Organisers' Ticketing Preferences Across Europe

In an extensive survey of over 600 event organisers, ticketscript, has found that event organisers' priorities and focus when choosing a ticketing provider have fundamentally changed as a result of social media and advances in technology.


While the most important features when choosing a ticketing solution across Europe varied from country to country, three key trends emerged:


1. Simple transparent pricing is demanded by both the promoter and end ticket buyer

In the UK specifically, 88% of event organisers think this is the most important feature. This is supported by ticketscript's 2013 ticket buyer survey, which revealed 58% of consumers would make the ticket-buying process more transparent in terms of add-on fees. 


2. Integrate with Facebook and website

Being able to easily and seamlessly integrate selling tickets into both Facebook and websites are essential for events, regardless of size, demographic and vertical market - with 82% of respondents seeing this as essential.


3. Real-time reporting and sales insight

Real-time reporting and sales insight have empowered promoters who use digital self-ticketing to drive sales and marketing in a way that was previously unimaginable, with 87% of respondents seeing these as essential features.


In addition, in the UK, there are two additional areas that promoters factored into their decision making:


1. Mobile optimisation

In contrast to other European countries, mobile-optimised ticketing solutions are a key area for consideration with 78% looking for this - something that reflects the UK as having one of the highest smartphone penetration rates in Europe.


2. Security

91% of UK promoters consider security when of the UK in selecting a ticketing provider. This greatly reflects key issues within the industry - such as secondary ticketing, delivery of tickets, server strength and data safety as well as minimising fraud for on the door sales.


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