Meetings in a Dream Location

Meetings in a Dream Location

CEOs and their board travel all over the world for their annual strategy meetings, because a location far from the office tends to be more inspiring. Why then do these executives so often end up in the stuffy conference rooms of uninspiring hotels? Surely there are better options.


That's why I went to Alicante in Spain where I discovered SHA. A breathtaking resort where business goes hand in hand with healthy eating and overall wellness. A paradise on earth where you and your management team can recharge your batteries.



Small groups

In SHA everything revolves around balance and tranquillity. It’s not suitable for large groups, but for a party of up to 20 people it’s the perfect place. In SHA the staff are at your every beck and call. There are two employees for every guest in the hotel to ensure that your stay is flawless.




The concept of SHA centers on macrobiotics. You will enjoy culinary excellence, but without the steak. Instead, you get to eat balanced macrobiotic meals that revitalize both body and mind. Because that’s really what you need, right? No longer will your management team doze off after a heavy lunch, but instead find themselves brimming with energy, ready to explore new possibilities in terms of your business.



Wellness clinic

After a long day of work you can enjoy the world-famous SHA wellness clinic. Imagine a relaxing massage, acupuncture, or a refreshing Finnish sauna…


Needless to say, SHA is obviously equipped with state-of-the-art conference facilities. Absolutely everything is designed to make your most important meetings and get-togethers an unparalleled success.

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