Safety First on your Event Checklist

Safety First on your Event Checklist

Obviously you should always be concerned about the safety of your guests at your event. If you make use of an accredited security firm - which is recommended - then discuss the following 7 points quite thoroughly with them.



1. Entrances and exits

Make sure that you know all the security personnel stationed at the various entrances and exits. If a panic situation arises and the crowd starts moving, then things will go far more quickly and smoothly. Also thoroughly discuss with security personnel the possible emergency exits and where the less obvious escape routes are.


2. Access Control

How will your guests be entering your event? With tickets or badges? Are they on a guest list or must they report somewhere? These are important details for the security personnel to know beforehand in order for them to intervene in a timely fashion where uninvited gatecrashers are concerned.


3. Guest list

Be sure to inform your security company about the kind of event you are organizing. Tell them what kind of audience you are expecting. Is it an audience with a high or low risk profile? Are there celebrities, political figures, royalty or well-known CEOs on your guest list? Be sure to let your security people know, because in terms of security, each type of audience and each special guest requires a specific approach.


4. Agenda

Timing is super important when it comes to security. Security guards must know the exact schedule of the event in order to do their job properly. When do the 'normal' and special guests begin arriving, when does the event start and end, when are the press expected...? This will allow you to organize all the necessary security preparations and measures timeously.


5. First Aid

Be sure to check whether your security agents are competent with regards to first aid and resuscitation techniques. An even better idea is to train your own staff in first aid. By providing a rapid response to accidents, you will be in a position to save your guests and your event. Also provide the necessary first aid kits and fire extinguishers, and make sure that everyone knows where to find them in case of an emergency. Or, of course, hire the necessary staff.


6. Lost and found

Provide an easily recognizable point where lost items can be deposited, or where lost children can go. All employees, and certainly also the security personnel, should know where that point is.


7. In the case of an emergency

Provide a comprehensive list of contact numbers in case of an emergency: police, the fire brigade, and hospitals situated nearby. Take this up in advance with your security company. Delegate responsibilities so that in the event of an emergency each party knows exactly what to do and who to contact.


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