ID&T is now 100% owned by SFX Entertainment

ID&T is now 100% owned by SFX Entertainment

ID&T, the largest organizer of dance events in the Netherlands is now 100% American owned. This was announced by founder Duncan Stutterheim at the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE).


Stutterheim made the announcement together with Shelly Finkel, head of acquisitions at the American entertainment company SFX that went public last week. As a result of the transaction, ID&T has now also become a publicly traded company (NASDAQ). Earlier this year SFX bought a 75% share of ID&T for about $100 million. The ID&T boss now estimates the company’s worth at $130 million.


"It's my first job," Stutterheim indicated. "But it's a great challenge. Our parties will only get bigger and more special." ID&T is known for its dance festivals such as Sensation and Mysteryland.

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