What if... no one wants to come to your event?

What if... no one wants to come to your event?

Have you ever attended an event where you thought, "Oh, I wish I was somewhere else." Or perhaps the other way around: an event that you really looked forward to? Do you actually know what makes the difference between the two?


When organizing an event, this difference is crucial. Most people look forward to an event that is a combination of interesting stuff, fun, and something educational. The following 5 tips could help you ensure that everyone would want to come to your event.



1. An event should offer something that an individual would not ordinarily do on their own

For example, a dinner or a reception in a museum. That’s something that the average person would not do. You can be very creative with this. Just keep your target audience and the budget of your client in mind. If a unique location is required, there are many original places that can be hired for the event.



2. Organize to cater to your audience, not for yourself

As Walt Disney said when they asked him the secret of his success: "Don’t make something that you like, but try to find out what your audience wants and then make it for them." Many event organizers tend to favor their own interests and push these to the forefront. But what they forget is that customers or participants do not necessarily have the same interests.



3. Make it fun

It seems obvious, but the fun aspect is often overlooked. When we say fun we don’t mean that your guests should be constantly entertained. By introducing a small playful element it can perk things up a whole lot. If you have sponsors, ask them to help out with this - for example, they could raffle a holiday trip or donate some giveaways. With a little creativity you can very easily make it a fun event.



4. Invite a famous person

We're not talking about Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie – although they would certainly attract people! Think of well-known people from within your industry, or perhaps major keynote speakers who could present popular topics. Also be sure to spread the word about it.



5. Focus on your own specialty

If you organize many events, then try to become known for a particular aspect of those events. If you’re into catering for example, then be sure to serve special and unique dishes. Customers will want to attend simply because they are curious about what specialty you will be presenting next. If you are prepared to offer something that’s even a little different from the usual beaten track, you will stand out and soon be noticed. 


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