8 Tech Tools for Better Live Events

8 Tech Tools for Better Live Events

Social media, mobile apps and video conferencing are making it increasingly easier to attend events remotely. Nevertheless, nothing beats attending one live. Even then, new technologies are playing a practical role.


With these 8 high-tech tools, you can boost the effect of your live event to the next level.   



1. Apps

Offer an app for attendees to your conference, expo or festival that provides a way for them to consult the schedule and the map. There are several tools available that will allow you to create one very easily. All you have to do is fill in a few forms online. It may be offered for free or at a modest price.



2. Online ticket and payment system

Allow your guests the opportunity to buy tickets online or through their mobile phones. There are a host of providers on the market. They typically take a fixed cut and/or percentage of the ticket price as commission.



3. Accreditation certificates, name badges and lanyards

These items are essential at any live event. Don't forget to customise them with your logo and colours representing your brand. Also, have you considered digital badges that you can use to immediately pool in Facebook likes?  



4. Monitor Screens

Liven up your event with messages displayed on screens. LCD screens are inexpensive and easy to integrate.



5. Free Wi-Fi

Free and properly working Wi-Fi continues to be a challenge for every event, but it truly is a must!



6. Multi-touch screens

Interactive communications through a large computer screen with touch capability is a fun way to introduce customers to your products or your business. This is also easy to set up at your event stand, for example.



7. Interactive displays

On interactive displays, projected images change in response to movement or activity taking place in the vicinity of the display panel. If a customer picks up a product from the display, for example, then the image projected on the display will change. So, a customer who walks over to your stand ends up changing the look of your stand.



8. 360° projection

Pufferfish provides a spherical display system called the PufferSphere® for displaying your content in 360°. A PufferSphere® resembles a globe. What you do is, place the system in the middle of the room and it shines the images out from there.  PufferSpheres® come available in different sizes, ranging from approximately 2 to 11.5 metres in diameter. They can cost a pretty penny as well -  starting at $37,000 to buy. You can rent them, however, starting at around $3,000 a day.


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