Inspiration: Client Embarrasses Advertiser

Inspiration: Client Embarrasses Advertiser

Classic marketing is dead. This video shows, in a rather painful way, essentially what we are talking about. This is also a source of inspiration for event managers!


Although this little video dates all the way back to 2007, I still use it regularly in my keynotes regarding online marketing and social media. The traditional sales funnel (AIDA model) where advertisers make as much noise as possible ​​to attract attention and convince customers, no longer works. These days it’s all about 'dialogue' rather than a monologue. Does that mean that you should scrap your TV advertising? No, it comes down to setting up different communication channels intelligently and making use of cross-media. This also applies to events. Too often event managers also assume that they know their target audience and know what they want - but is that really the case? What if you really engaged in a dialogue with the visitors to your event?


Be inspired by this Microsoft commercial:


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