Are you Making the Most of Small Event Spaces?

Are you Making the Most of Small Event Spaces?

Small event locations are easy to find. But what should you look out for when choosing a small space - and how can you make the best use of it?


If you're sticking with your choice for limited space, then you best take the following into account:



If you are organizing an event for 25 to 50 people, you have a much greater choice of locations than when expecting 1,000 participants for example. But keep in mind that even a small change in the number of participants - e.g. 75 people instead of 50 – may result in having to find another location. Therefore, choose a location that can accommodate the highest number of visitors that you consider possible. Even they do not all attend, the room will still seem busy.



Is your event aimed at networking with people? Then opt for an area with lots of windows and natural light. Visitors that are crammed together in a small room with little natural light is one of the worst event experiences. With lots of light and space you create an open atmosphere where everyone feels welcome. If your event is held in the evening there is obviously no natural light available. In that case opt for soft ambient lighting instead of sharp fluorescent lights. This will promote the right atmosphere.



Remove all unnecessary clutter from the space. You obviously need adequate furniture for all your guests, but certainly no more than is absolutely necessary. Make sure that there is enough open space so that guests do not have to trip over each other or the furniture. Too many tables and chairs give the impression that the room is too small and too crowded.


Breakout rooms

Do you envisage work groups, networking sessions or coffee breaks? If so, then it may be a good idea to rent an extra space where these activities can take place. When people are able to walk around in different rooms, you keep them fresh and engaged. Guests appreciate new areas, especially if the event lasts the whole day. This avoids clutter in your main area and, as mentioned before, promotes the feeling of open space.



If you really want to create the illusion of a larger space with a lot of people, then use mirrors. If you hang mirrors at strategic locations on large walls in your space it makes for a more airy feeling, especially if the room is bathed in natural light.



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