TIP! - 8 E-mail Marketing Tips for Events

TIP! - 8 E-mail Marketing Tips for Events

Are you planning to use e-mail marketing for your event? If so, the following tips will help you to get a bigger response.


  • Make sure that you have a powerful and thought-provoking title, something that will arouse people's curiosity. The title usually determines whether or not your mail will be opened or dropped unread into the waste basket.

  • Design a really good landing page. Once you have attracted the attention of your reader, it is important that he can click through with a minimum of delay to your website and to the right part of your website. If you send him a mail that allows him to register free of charge, make sure he arrives directly on the registration page and not on the home page.

  • Try to avoid the use of images in e-mails. Many e-mail programmes do not show these as standard. If you do need to use an image, supplement it with a good 'alt' text that describes the photo in detail, since this at least will be seen by all the addressees.

  • Only send mails to people who have opted-in (given permission). Spamming will achieve the opposite effect to what you have in mind.

  • Keep your e-mails short and to-the-point, so that they can be quickly scanned by your readers.

  • A clean and well-ordered e-mail directory will ensure that your mails are less likely to be intercepted by spam filters. Write mails that are returned to sender if undelivered, so that you can immediately delete non-existent addresses from your directory.

  • Always first send a test-mail to yourself, preferably via different mail programmes. This will allow you to check exactly how your mail will look when it arrives in the mailbox of your target public.

  • Use a professional mailing tool. Never set dozens of e-mail addresses in CC.


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