5 Tips for a Low-Budget Wedding

5 Tips for a Low-Budget Wedding

Planning on taking that big step to tie the knot, yet are afraid it will cost an arm and a leg for a beautiful wedding? No worries. Getting married doesn't need to break the bank.


Following these 5 tips, you can cut down on your budget and still get a fabulous wedding.


1. Dare to be selective

What’s truly important to you? Does your wedding have to take place in May, or is November okay too? After all, getting married in the off season is tons more economical. Not only that, it makes it all the more unique! Is that swanky limousine or old-timer bus really a must? Or would it also appease you to use cars from friends and family? Would you rather have the glamorous 5-tier wedding cake or a live band to liven up the atmosphere? Think about what you want to remember from your wedding celebration and what you want to give priority. You can't have it all! So, be decisive and frugal about items of lesser importance to you.


2. Keep it intimate

Limit your guest list. Yes, we know: this is the most difficult choice you’ll have to make, hands down. Nonetheless, this will be where you save the most money. Keep in mind that if you invite hundreds of people, then you certainly won’t be able to pay them all any attention. So, what’s the point in that? 


3. Be creative with location and catering

An exquisite venue with top-end catering will chomp the biggest bite out of your wedding budget. So, does it have to automatically take place in such a venue? Or could you be more creative instead? Got a large garden? Or is there a nice space or plot of land available in the family, near friends or somewhere in the area? If so, why not plan to have your wedding there? Having a 5-course dinner isn’t really a must either. Is there anyone in your family or circle of friends who’s a mean cook? Ask if he or she wants to do your catering. A cool barbecue cookout or a scrumptious buffet could work too, and you’d be able to eat your heart out.


4. Personal touch

If you are a tad creative and good with your hands, there are even more ways for you to cut down on costs. For example, why not do your own decorating? It doesn't have to be complicated. With a few flowers and some great tips, you’ll already be way ahead of the game. You can even save on getting your hair done by doing it yourself. Practice on your own hair in advance so you can whip it together in just a few steps on the big day. Taking these things on yourself also makes it much more personal than just ordering or dropping cash on everything. Your invitees will appreciate that even more.


5. Think outside the box

Wedding days usually start early in the morning and last late into the evening. It doesn't have to be that way however. Dare to break from tradition and invite guests to come around 7pm, for example. Then, say your “I Do’s” and get on with the party! 


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