Fudge: A Beautiful WordPress Theme for Conferences

Fudge: A Beautiful WordPress Theme for Conferences

It's been a year and a half since Event Manager Blog launched 'Event Manager Theme' and 'Januas', two successful WordPress Themes specifically designed for event professionals.


WordPress is a fantastic free platform to run event websites, it is flexible and integrated with the latest social networking and media demands.


News is that a new theme was announced called Fudge. Fudge collects all the information relevant to the event on a single page. The latest trends in event websites make this a very popular alternative to hard to navigate websites. Having all the information about your event on one page in fact stimulates quicker decision making process purchase.

Fudge features advanced scheduling with multiple tracks, locations, concurrent sessions, it integrates with Eventbrite, amiando and Event Espresso. Fudge is a very social oriented theme. You can display tweets on a Twitter Wall and display Facebook RSVPs.


Fudge sells at $79 and you can have a look at it in action here:


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